Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a way of learning about your body, identifying the harmful habits that you have built up over the years, and developing new choices, which help you to enjoy a sense of ease and greater freedom of movement.

Most of us suffer from aches and pains, which we can relieve temporarily through medication or with the help of a professional.

The Alexander Technique helps find and address the cause of the problems, so you can prevent the damage that is causing the pain.

Many musicians, athletes and actors, who place high demands on their bodies, use the technique to improve performance and prevent injury.

Alexander Technique in a Nutshell

Alexander Technique Lessons

Your teacher will work collaboratively with you to explore how you are using your body and to develop new ways of moving, standing and sitting, which cause less strain.

You will gradually learn to apply the principles of the technique to analyse any activity and to make choices that work with your body's design.

Some people learn what they need with just a few lessons. Others continue for much longer, as they continue to see improvements. People generally find that 10 lessons give a good introduction to the technique.


45 minute lesson: $49

Four 45-minute lessons: $180 *

*(available after student has had a first lesson)