photo of Aleah

About Aleah

A musician by training, Aleah has always been interested in self-mastery. Her journey with Alexander Technique began when she was in music school in Alberta, where she was struggling with tension, anxiety, and the overarching feeling that she was not fulfilling her potential. Her AT teacher helped open her awareness that working with her body and thinking instead of pushing through everyday activities made a world of difference. With that building awareness and fascination, Aleah moved to Vancouver and completed her 1600 hours of Teacher Training under Marta Hunter and Gabriella Minnes Brandes.

Aleah is excited to offer students a different perspective on themselves and perhaps some freedom from the can and cannots of everyday life. She continues to explore her movement potential through cycling, contact improv, and playing the piano.

Aleah is a member of the Canadian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.